Lazuli Dahabiyas

Albatros Dahabiya

Albatros Sundeck

Albatros Suite with balcony

Albatros Cabin

Albatros Salon

Altesse Sundeck

Altesse Sundeck

Altesse Suite

Altesse Suite with Panoramic view

Altesse Cabin

Gordon Pacha Dahabiya

Gordon Pacha Sundeck

Gordon Pacha Suite with Balcony

Gordon Pacha Cabin

Gordon Pacha Salon

L' Orient Overview

L' Orient- Twin cabin

Luxor Overview

Luxor Sundeck Jacuzzi

Luxor Sundeck sitting

Luxor Dahabiya - Suite with Balcony

Luxor Dahabiya - Cabin

Roi Farouk Dahabiya - Overview

Roi Farouk- Sundeck

Roi Farouk- Suite

Roi Farouk - Suite

Roi Farouk - Cabin

Lazuli Dahabiya


Today LAZULI fleet consists of 3 Dahabiyas, built identically to its ancestors, to preserve the character to LAZULI : Simplicity, Luxury and comfort.

Driven by two elegant sails, the LAZULI Dahabiya permits to its passengers to discover the forgotten archeological treasures built along the Nile, and meet the local people in their villages to participate in their activities.On board, the cabins are simple but Style full, equipped with a bathroom with private toilets. Most of the time between visits, is spent on the upper deck to contemplate the unchanging landscapes conducive to dreams and meditation. To taste the dishes prepared with care by the Chef, listening to the music, splash water on the hull and the everyday sounds from the shore or simply taste the joys of idleness.

The evening, LAZULI, makes you live a different atmosphere: dinner on deck by candlelight under the stars or on an island in the middle of palm trees.

LAZULI with its staff always attentive but unobtrusive and available guides specialists in Egypt prompt the passengers to new emotions on board its vessels Golden (in Arabic, Dahabiya means 'Golden').Accommodate 10 to 12 passengers for cruises fully privatized, couples, for families or groups of friends. Experience a luxury that will let you discover a genuine and authentic Egypt.

Six Dahabiyas make up the flotilla Lazuli:

Luxor Dahabiya: Four Cabins, One suite with a private balcony.
Albatros Dahabiya: Four Cabins, two Suites with a shared balcony.
Altesse Dahabiya: Six Cabins, Two Suites.
King Farouk Dahabiya: Five Cabins, one of these, is a suite with a private balcony.
Gordon Pacha Dahabiya: Six Cabins, two of these, Suites with a private balcony.
The Orient Dahabiya: Six Cabins, all the cabins have private balconies. Two of these, Suites with a bigger private balcony.

All the Dahabiyas, are equipped with Solar Energy for water and electricity on board, internet access Wi-Fi, DVD reader and video projector, air conditioning, and have softened water available at anytime.

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