The ideal outside excursion from Alexandria either you head east (toward Rosetta) or to head west (toward El Alamein); Rosetta, which is the early Islamic architecture sample that still excited with the spirit of the time when those people stood still against all kind of invaders (crusaders, ottomans, English & French). The rosette city was the first defense line and the front line to protect Egypt the jewel of the crown.

Alternatively, El Alamein is the only site for a living example of what really the WWII is presented to the whole world. A mortal conflict that affected every part & every living creature lived within this era. A conflict that could be presented of how many tombstones saying – aloud- war is not the solution with the total no. of over 40 million casualties.

A coastal town in northwestern ...


The city of Rosetta is situated on the western bank of the branch of...