Individually Crafted Rooms

Individually Crafted Rooms

BenBen Hotel


BenBen Hotel is a dare-to-be different destination, conveniently nestled on the old Nubian Island of Heissa, overlooking the serene city of Aswan and prioritizing the natural environment by applying best ecological practices. This Hotel, as an idea, was built with a passion for its beautiful location, the peace that exists here, and to offer something unique. The exceptional Nubian-style architecture and the majestic panoramic natural surroundings make this eco-friendly Hotel the absolute recharging hideaway to discover your most refreshed self.

Our focus is on creating a quality stay with the best additions to the cherished memories we look forward to sharing with you. Our constant mission is to provide peace of mind and build loyalty based on the value of our relationships with the guests.

The stunning 24 accommodating units and other hotel areas are designed for your inspiration, blessed by the sun, encompassed by the breathtaking views of The Nile River and attractive sights such as Philae Temple and Aswan High Dam.

Offering accessible options; a restaurant with tasty cuisines, flawless services, and exclusive indulgences for pleasant retreats on the land of gold; Aswan.

Each day, the only sound you will hear is the relaxing breeze allowing your mind to enjoy nature's calming rhythm and peaceful melody. Take your time to enjoy a massage, meditate, dip yourself in the outdoor Jacuzzi of each room, and have an endless number of leisure options. This is a summer sun and winter warmth destination, with clear Nile waters, Pharaonic temples, mouthwatering food, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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